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My skillset:

  • Change Management
    • Portfolio Direction / Management

    • Programme Direction/Management

    • Senior Level Project Management

    • Troubleshooting/Recovery

  • CxO Expertise

    • Strategy design & business alignment

    • Functional improvement

    • Operational direction

    • People improvement

    • Financial control

    • Interim Direction

  • Public speeking:

    • Managing Change

    • Lowering Costs

    • Strategies for success

Why me?

"Reading my CV will never show you the true extent of what value I can bring to your business. The CV will not show you my full experience, my passion for people & clients, my professionalism and above all my sheer determination to achieve good results.

Direction & Management to me is not just about methodologies & process, it is also about the appreciation of people, the application of common sense & remaining calm when things get tough or you need to be creative. This can only come via many years of experience.

Thank you for reading, Regards Phil.



So who am I?

My name is Philip Young, a successful business & technology professional. Having over 35+ years of experience working with many well-known brands, across multiple sectors and in complex environments.

Are you just another technologist?

No I am not..people ask me ''what are you really Phil as you have done so much?'' The short answer is that I am a 'Hybrid', someone who bridges the gap between technology and other business functions, someone who can provide strategies, deliver on them and improve business.

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"Reach for the stars and hit your dreams, reach for the moon and hit the ground".



Implementing LS Retail & MS Navision (Inventory ERP)in India for SSP Food Services PLC

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